I am an independent educational consultant in mathematics with a particular interest in AP Calculus.

This Website is for you. Anything you find here that you like you may use with your students.

I am always happy to hear from you with and comments, suggestions or questions.

Lin McMullin                         
                  Educational Consultant
                                    What's Here:

The AP* CALCULUS page has links to resources for AP Calculus teachers.

The CAS page has information and articles on computer algebra systems, a particular interest of mine.

Please CONTACT me if I can be of help. I'm always happy to help with math problems. 

The LINKS page has various links to books, articles, web sites and software for math teachers.

You will find some of the projects I've worked on at PAST PROJECTS.

The PUBLICATIONS page has links to books I've authored or co-authored.

Future workshops and summer institutes are listed on the SCHEDULE page.

TECHNOLOGY has links to information about technology. Some of my own calculator programs can be downloaded form this page.

WINPLOT is my favorite graphing program. This page has Winplot files you may download and use to illustrate various concepts in high school math and AP* Calculus.

The photographs are my own. They will change from time to time.  They have nothing to do with math. I hope you like them anyway.

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