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Computer Algebra Systems: Articles, problems, ideas and resources.
Problems for CAS Soultion Presented at the TTT Conference, Philadelphia, PA, March 7, 2013.
Handout Questions, and Solutions (TI-Nspire) Also see below "Problems for CAS Solution" for anolder version with solutions with TI-89/Voyage 200

From the Math and Science Technology Conference, Norman, Oklahoma January 18 - 19, 2008.
DOING Math with a CAS Slides, Questions, and solutions. (Similar, but not the same as the one below.)
Winplot 2 Calculus  Handout. Winplot Files on Accumulation The Solids of Revolution are on my Winplot page.
Winplot 3 Vectors and Polar equations Handout. Winplot files Parametric Equations and Vectors

DOING Math with a CAS for presentation at the USACAS Conference June 16, 2007. Teaching how to do the same old things with a CAS is not the goal. First it is necessary to  decide how to do math with a CAS. This talk will includes thoughts and ideas on what will change and what will remain the same when you DO math with a CAS.Presentation text with examples and solutions and PowerPoint presentation.

The Golden Ratio in Quartic Polynomials I believe this to be an original result. The line containing the points of inflection of any 4-th degree polynomial intersects the polynomial in two other points whose coordinates are related to the points of inflection by the golden ratio and its conjugate. This version of this idea appeared on the NCTM's On-Math site in the Winter 2004- 2005 column. Alexander Bogomolny expanded on this idea; his discussion is here.

The Golden Ratio in Cubic Polynomials   Once again the Golden Ratio makes an unexpected appearance, this time in cubic polynomials. The problem and its proof are in this article. Audrey Weeks, author of Calculus in Motion, has prepared a Geometers' Sketchpad animation of the proof and result which can be downloaded here.

Half a Trapezoid is better than ... An interesting geometry problem for CAS or by hand.

Algemetic The "Sound off" column from The Mathematics Teacher, February 2001. An earlier version from 1997 is here

The Two Cones Problem "Find the maximum sum of the volumes of two cones you make out of a construction paper disk of area S"

How to Solve Any Triangle "How to Solve Any Triangle: First, Forget the Law of Sines and the Law of Cosines"  From The Mathematics Teacher, September 2003.

Symbolic Logic on a TI-92 This article shows how to make truth tables and do other symbolic logic problems with a TI-92 (or a TI89, or Voyage 200).

CAS in High School Mathematics A discussion of the changes that will be necessary in the high school mathematic curriculum with the introduction of CAS. Originally presented at the NCTM regional meeting September 21, 2006 in Chicago, IL

Problems for CAS Solution A collection of problems, some traditional, some new that are easily solved with a CAS, but perhaps not so easily solved without. Originally presented at the NCTM regional meeting September 21, 2006 in Chicago, IL.  Solutions

Questions of the Month from AP Central
These 8 questions originally appeared as the AP Calculus Question of the Month from May through December 2003. Links to AP Central. Many of them involve CAS work

Computer Algebra Systems in Secondary School Mathematics Education
An NCTM  monograph on CAS use in high school.


wxMaxima A FREE Computer Algebra System for computers. I haven't used this much, but the price is right!

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